Boho in Autumn styled shoot

We are delighted to tell you that we have closed the Autumn season with very positive results. We are very happy with the feedback obtained on our styled shoot “Boho in Autumn”. The shoot has been published in different countries, such as the US, Spain, New Zealand, UK and the Netherlands by well-known blogs as “Wedding Chicks“, “A Todo Confetti“, “Truly and Madly“, “The Wedding Community Blog” and “Wedspiration“. Now, we would love to share our story with you. Below, you find all the pictures and an inspiring video made by the amazing team of Wedding’s Art.

boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-039 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-034 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-032 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-030

When the sun rises, Valeria the bride is having a relaxed walk between the olive trees of Mas Terrats. She is taking some fresh air and enjoys the beautiful nature and the lovely sound of the birds. She is on her way to meet her groom soon at a very magical spot. It is the natural pool hidden between big rocks and many green plants. When she arrives, the groom is waiting for her to have a romantic dinner in front of a small cave. There are many candles used to create a nice warm ambience. The different elements and warm colours fit perfectly with the boho style and the autumn season.

boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-093 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-092 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-079 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-082 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-086 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-090 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-077 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-072 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-071 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-069 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-065 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-066 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-067 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-068 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-062 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-061 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-133 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-125 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-102 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-104 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-123

After dinner, they go to another place in the forest to relax for a moment. They find a big carpet on the floor with cushions and many rustic candles placed on trunks. There are dreamcatchers hanging in the trees, which are gifts for their guests. The bride putted on another dress from Celia Vela, which looks like a blouse with long wide sleeves and large bows.

boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-208 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-202 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-192 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-184 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-181 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-159 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-168 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-170 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-177 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-154 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-147 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-140 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-139 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-137

Before the sun goes down behind the hills, Valeria goes to the wooden swing, which is hanging from a big old tree. She is having her relaxed moment alone with her white horse. On her head she wears a crown made of flowers that matches her big bouquet that she holds in her hands.

boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-273 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-269 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-232 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-243 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-247 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-210 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-212 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-221 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-223

While fog rises through the trees, there is a delightful sweet table ready for them. It’s decorated with autumn elements, lots of candles, sweets, red velvets and the most delicious naked cakes.

boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-304 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-303 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-285 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-286 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-287 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-300 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-284 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-283 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-281 boho-in-autumn-weddings-art-279

Planning & Design: Love & Memories | Venue: Mas Terrats, Girona (Spain) | Photography and Video: Wedding’s Art | Floral Design: Flors Bahí | Wedding Dresses: Celia Vela | Naked cakes and red velvets: Sweet Mama | Hair & Make-up: Diana Galí | Stationery: CardWise | Rustic candles: Ceras Roura | Decoration hire: Tandem Deco | Horse: Canes Resort Mas Armengol


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