Destination wedding in Spain….¡Sí quiero!

Yes, I do! A lovely Dutch couple that always wanted to get married in beautiful Spain. From the very first moment, the mediterranean country and the wonderful beaches of the Costa Brava got their attention. We personalised their wedding according to these natural elements and the Catalan culture, combined with pastel colours like mint green. We enjoyed it very much!

Such a wonderful day…

The 4th of August was the big day of R & L, in beautiful Spain, Costa Brava. A Dutch couple who dreamed of an open air wedding in a warm country. And so they had….

A destination wedding at a very nice Catalan villa. Sunny weather. A small group of family and friends, and a great team of wedding professionals from Holland and Catalonia. All the ingredients put together to have a perfect wedding, full of LOVE & MEMORIES.

After a first meeting with the lovely couple, we started to design their wedding with only a theme and a colour in particular. With the confidence we got from R & L, we were able to put down this great result.

Enjoy the pics!

xoxo Celeste & Stephanie

The great team which made this special day possible:

Weddingplanning & Design: Love & Memories

Venue: Mas Terrats

Photographer: Beto Perez

Cake: My Lovely Food

Cupcakes, cakepops, macarons: L’obrador d’en Quimo

Decoration: Love & Memories

Chiavari chairs and furniture: Love & Memories and Tandem Deco

Caterer: La Cubanita

Music: The Tributes

Flowers: Flors Bahí

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